Second Trimester Abortion

Second trimester abortions are abortions that are performed between 14 and 26 weeks of pregnancy. These are generally a two day surgical procedure. On the first day, dilator sticks called laminaria are placed in the cervix. The laminaria stay in overnight and help the cervix to open up slowly, making the procedure safer and easier. Some women experience cramping and discomfort during this process and you will be given pain medication to take if you are uncomfortable. If you are between 18-26 weeks pregnant, an injection will also be placed in your abdomen to stop the pregnancy from growing. Most women choose to receive sedation for these procedures. On the second day, a procedure called a dilation and evacuation will be performed. During this procedure, the physicians use instruments and suction to remove the pregnancy from the uterus. If you are found to be in your second trimester during the ultrasound performed at your appointment you will be informed and your options for pregnancy termination will be discussed.

Ectopic Pregnancy

For patients with ectopic pregnancies (pregnancies developing outside the uterus, in the Fallopian tubes or on the ovaries), we offer a range of services depending on the patient’s health and the length of her pregnancy.  Early ectopic pregnancies can be treated nonsurgically by injecting a medication that prevents further growth of the pregnancy.  After the injection, the tissue will gradually be reabsorbed by your body.  Later ectopic pregnancies can be managed surgically through a minimally invasive, laporoscopic procedure.