There are two options for anesthesia available at our office.

Local anesthesia

Local anesthesia means that numbing medicine is injected into the base of the cervix, similar to medicine used at a dentist’s office to numb the mouth when needed. This helps to decrease discomfort during the procedure, but women will still feel pressure and cramping sensations. Women choose local anesthesia if they prefer not to go to sleep for any reason or if the anesthesiologist feels that going to sleep for the procedure would not be safe due to a medical condition.

Sedation anesthesia

Sedation anesthesia is available for all procedures if desired. An intravenous line, or IV will be placed in your arm, and medicine will be given through the IV that will make you fall asleep quickly and safely. You are monitored by one of our skilled anesthesiologists or certified registered nurse anesthetists throughout the entire procedure to make sure that you are comfortable. There is no breathing tube down your throat and no anesthesia is inhaled through a mask. You will wake up quickly afterwards.

If you prefer sedation anesthesia it is required that you bring someone with you who can help you get home safely, as you may feel sleepy or groggy for the rest of the day. If you’re unable to bring someone with you, the local anesthesia procedure is still available.

It is very important that you don’t eat or drink after midnight if you are receiving anesthesia because this can increase the risk of complications. This includes chewing gum sucking on breath mints.

If there are any concerns that sedation anesthesia wouldn’t be safe for you will be given a referral to a hospital based setting that can perform general anesthesia. This determination is made after evaluation by an anesthesiologist at your appointment.