Non Surgical Abortion Options

Medical abortion is an alternative to surgical abortion that may be appropriate for some women. In a surgical abortion, the pregnancy is removed by suction curettage. In a medical abortion, a pill is used to stop the growth of the pregnancy. Thirty-six hours later, pills are placed in the mouth and allowed to dissolve. These pills cause the pregnancy to miscarry. Thousands of women have used this method in clinical trials, and there have been no reports of significant side-effects or long-term risks. The medical method has a success rate of 95% or greater when given before 8 weeks of pregnancy.

Complications are rare, but they do happen. If you think you have a medical emergency, it is very important that you contact us as soon as possible. Please do not delay contacting us if you have any of the following symptoms: excessive bleeding; severe pain not reduced by rest, pain medication, heating pad, or hot water bottle; continued vomiting (unable to keep anything down) for more than 4-6 hours; or fever greater than 101 degrees F. If the pregnancy tissue does not pass completely and there is continuous excessive bleeding, removal via suction may be necessary. We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week on our office number (646) 898-2122.

Free Pregnancy Test

Pregnacy Tests are free.  There is no appointment neccesary.  If you think that you may be pregnant, do not hesitate, call us and come by for your free pregnancy test.

Private Client Services

We provide unique services which are tailored for clients who require specialized attention and flexible hours.

  • Clients can request a private room in which all services will be provided throughout the patient’s stay in our office.
  • Clients may reserve the entire office and pertinent staff for their individual needs and discretion.

If you prefer or require our private client services please call 212-867-5107 and ask to speak with our private client coordinator.