Aspiration Procedure

The aspiration abortion procedure is available in NYC to end early pregnancy using a hand held plastic device. This aspiration abortion usually takes approximately 2-3 minutes to complete. We are highly experienced in performing safe abortions and have been providing care since 1971 in the New York, NYC area. Women and their doctors in New York, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Tri- State Area as well as the North Eastern United States have put their trust in us, you can too.

What is the Aspiration Procedure?

The Aspiration Abortion Procedure is also known as the Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA). The physician will place a speculum inside the vagina and cleanse the area with an antiseptic solution. A local anesthesia which is an injection into the cervix is used to numb the area. A thin tube is then passed through the cervix. This tube is attached to a plastic device which resembles a large syringe. This device creates a vacuum which aspirates the pregnancy out of the uterus. During this procedure you are awake and may experience cramps as the injection is given as well as during the aspiration procedure. Pain medication will be given to alleviate the discomfort. 

Is Aspiration Procedure different from early abortion procedure?

In general it is our practice that no scraping (curetting) is needed in an early and first trimester abortion. The Procedure is either done by an Aspiration Abortion Procedure (MVA) or by a controlled vacuum device.

There is no difference in the recovery process.

Some abortion providers try to offer the Aspiration Abortion Procedure as a no surgery option.

In fact there is no difference between the early and first trimester abortion procedure and the Aspiration Abortion  Procedure, except the way the equally gentle suction is produced in both methods. One is done by a controlled vacuum device and the other method is done by a hand held vacuum device.

Abortion offices that do not have a doctor specializing in anesthesia for pain control usually offer only awake procedures and the Aspiration Abortion Procedure. In our office we are able to provide both procedures with or without general anesthesia.

Frequently Asked Questions?

 How soon can I schedule an appointment?

We have immediate appointments available to meet the need of our patients.

Will I need someone to escort me to the office?

No escort is required but if you would like someone to accompany you to our office that is fine.

Will I experience discomfort?

You may experience “menstrual like cramping” that would be relieved by taking pain medication.

 Aspiration Abortion in NYC



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