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Early Abortion Options for You in NYC

How to choose which Abortion type is right for You

The medically induced abortion – commonly called “the abortion pill” is a form of early pregnancy termination successfully used around the world since 1988 and approved in the US in 2000. For some women this offers a safe, effective and non-invasive alternative to aspiration abortion in abortion clinics. The abortion by pill actually consists of two sets of medication: Mifepristone (RU 486) which stops the development of the pregnancy and Misoprostol (Cytotec) which causes the miscarriage to begin. By taking these two medications under the direction of an OBGYN, women are able to end a pregnancy as early as 4 ½ weeks up until 8 weeks with limited risk of complication. Because there is no anesthesia and no surgical instruments inserted into the uterus or cervix many women feel that it is a more natural feeling process which allows them more privacy and the comfort of home instead of aspiration procedure in an abortion clinic. Read more

How does the Abortion Pill Work and What to Expect

Abortion Pill Aftercare

Medical abortion is an alternative to surgical abortion that may be appropriate for some women. In a surgical abortion, the pregnancy is removed by suction curettage. In a medical abortion, a pill is used to stop the growth of the pregnancy. Thirty-six hours later, pills are placed in the mouth and allowed to dissolve. These pills cause the pregnancy to miscarry. Thousands of women have used this method in clinical trials, and there have been no reports of significant side-effects or long-term risks. The medical method has a success rate of 95% or greater when given before 8 weeks of pregnancy.Complications are rare, but they do happen. If you think you have a medical emergency, it is very important that you contact us as soon as possible. Please do not delay contacting us if you have any of the following symptoms: excessive bleeding; severe pain not reduced by rest, pain medication, heating pad, or hot water bottle; continued vomiting (unable to keep anything down) for more than 4-6 hours; or fever greater than 101 degrees F. If the pregnancy tissue does not pass completely and there is continuous excessive bleeding, removal via suction may be necessary. We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week on our office number (646) 898-2122. Read more

Aspiration Abortion Procedure

In Clinic Abortion Aspiration Procedure

The Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) Abortion procedure is another options for women seeking to end a pregnancy early on. The MVA abortion procedure is done in the office – allowing you to comfort of being monitored through the whole process by your certified OBGYN surgeon. While still technically considered a surgical procedure – the MVA employs what is called a ‘light touch’ technique which employs the gentlest suction produced using a manual syringe–like device inserted through the cervix. Many women who want to have an in office abortion but do not want to be put to sleep choose this option because it is gentle and silent which makes it easier to relax through and causes less discomfort. In our office we also offer sedation for patient who want this procedure but wish to be asleep. Some offices say that you do not need anesthesia because it is a gentle procedure – there for they do not offer this option. In our office, we feel that you are the only one that can judge your pain level and therefore you should have all your options available. Read more

Lo que necesitas saber sobre el Aborto

El aborto quirúrgico durante el primer trimestre es una opción simple y segura para las mujeres que no desean continuar con su embarazo. Todavía existen muchas ideas erróneas acerca de qué es un procedimiento de aborto quirúrgico y cuáles son los efectos. Lo que debe saber es que todos los procedimientos de aborto en las primeras 12 semanas de embarazo ahora se realizan con una succión suave producida por una máquina de succión al vacío. Esto significa que no hay "recortes", términos que a menudo se emplean para asustar a las mujeres para que no busquen información sobre el aborto. En nuestra oficina, ofrecemos anestesia local y sedación para que pueda controlar su nivel de comodidad bajo la guía y con el apoyo de anestesiólogos certificados. Esto le permite saber que dos médicos están manejando su comodidad y seguridad durante su visita, uno para realizar el procedimiento y otro para garantizar su comodidad. Lee mas

Cuotas y Financiación

Aceptamos la mayoría de los seguros privados y obtendremos una autorización antes de su llegada. Aceptamos Medicaid si tiene alguna pregunta relacionada con los costos del seguro, el costo de la medicina / medicamentos / píldora para el aborto, comuníquese con nuestra oficina y un miembro del personal lo atenderá con mucho gusto. Facturamos muchos planes de seguro y HMO, que incluyen United HealthCare, HealthNet, Oxford, AETNA, Cigna, HIP, Hotel Trades, GHI, BC / BS, 1199, Affinity y Medicaid y la mayoría de los demás. Nuestras tarifas son competitivas y aceptamos MasterCard, Visa, American Express y Discover. Las tarifas incluyen: Aborto, Sonograma y Cita de seguimiento posterior al aborto. Si bien no existe un Aborto Gratis, es posible que podamos ayudarlo a obtener seguro y financiamiento a bajo costo o sin costo alguno. Llama para ver si calificas. Lee mas

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